Case Pack Ordering

What is a Case Pack?

Great Buy Products refers to a Case Pack as a package of products of the same SKU or Item Number. The quantity inside a Case Pack varies but typically is greater than one piece inside a box.

Case Pack Ordering Requirements:

To order with Great Buy Products, users must order in quantities that are divisible by the Case Pack quantity listed. For example, if a Case Pack Quantity is listed as 6, then users must order at least 6 pieces. The next quantity available to order of that item would be 12 pcs, then 18 pcs, and so on.

How Are Items Priced (By the Case or Individually)?

Products are priced by the individual piece. So, if an item has a case pack of 12 and a price of $3.00 then the price for the entire case pack of the product would be $36.00